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Hormone Pellet Therapy

Pellet Therapy is a 100% natural and plant-based hormone therapy. Also known as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, it can be helpful for men and women with low-testosterone and other hormone issues such as menstrual migraines and menopause. Dr. Sarah Shell is proud to be a BioTe® Certified Practitioner. Contact us today to learn more about bio-identical hormone replacement therapy or drop by her clinic in Phoenix, AZ.

Hormone Replacement Testimonials

Dr. Shell brought me back to life again with her unique pellet hormone replacement therapy that uses 100% natural and bioidentical hormones. Not only has my sex drive, energy, and mental fortitude completely improved but I am now preventing cancer and chronic conditions such as diabetes. I never leave reviews but I was compelled to do so for Dr. Shell. I have never had a doctor assess my health so thoroughly and she is always looking to prevent long-term conditions such as osteoporosis and heart disease due to my age and family history. I purchased a 1-year membership of unlimited follow-ups with Dr. Shell and it was the best decision that I ever made for my health. I am not yet menopausal but I will be in a few short years and I would not want to go through it without Dr. Shell by my side. Samantha W.

I have been dealing with hormone imbalance for years. During this health journey, I have discovered that it can be very difficult to navigate through the complex world of modern medicine. I found myself being pushed around from specialist to specialist without any answers. I found out about Dr. Sarah Shell after attending MedRoyal's open house event in October, and even before establishing care with her, I received a lot of support from the staff and doctors at MedRoyal. When I went in for my first appointment, Dr. Shell patiently listened to my history. She ordered appropriate lab testing, provided me with treatment options, and thoroughly explained the pros and cons of each option so we could decide on the best plan for me. Isn’t this exactly what you’d expect from a dependable doctor?! This was an eye-opening experience for me and I was blown away by both the quality of my care and the flexibility that MedRoyal’s staff and doctors offered. I’m now getting the treatment I need, and I look forward to staying happy and healthy in 2019! Kathy M.

I used to go to a different clinic for hormone replacement therapy. I knew HRT could help improve my fatigue and libido, but after giving me their “go-to” treatment, the doctors there did not seem invested in my case anymore. I always wondered if I was responding well to the treatment - if lab work would show any improvement in my hormones, if anything more could be added to boost my energy levels - but I never got any answers! Eventually, I decided to go see Dr. Sarah Shell at MedRoyal after reading all their excellent reviews. Dr. Shell spent plenty of time discussing my previous treatments (which turned out were not exactly right for me based on the labs she ordered!). She created a comprehensive treatment plan including frequent repeat testing for my own peace of mind. And, all of my visits are covered by MedRoyal’s monthly membership program, making my care more affordable than typical doctor’s office visits. I can’t thank these amazing doctors enough for listening to me and taking the time to make sure my hormone replacement therapy is the absolute best fit for me! Rita T.

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