Low Testosterone

Low Testosterone Issues

Do one or more of these symptoms sound familiar? • Are you tired and achy all the time? • Are you irritable? • Are you losing muscle and gaining belly fat? • Do you have a lack of motivation? … You may have low testosterone!

As we age, our bodies produce less than adequate amounts of hormones. Perhaps what is most surprising is that the symptoms of low hormone production are increasingly common for men and women as early as their mid-30’s. After age 30, people will start to feel a change in their body and a general decrease in motivation. More symptoms of low testosterone include decreased energy, trouble sleeping, weight gain around the abdomen, loss of muscle mass, brain fog or anxiety.

It is a common misconception that you must have a low libido to have low testosterone and that is not always the case. In fact, most men will notice changes in their body far before their libido is affected. Another misconception is that testosterone is only for men. Testosterone deficiency in women is extremely common and may cause fatigue, slow recovery time, low muscle tone, weight gain and low libido. A few blood tests will tell us if your testosterone and other hormones need to be balanced. Testosterone replacement can be a life-changing therapy if you suffer from a deficiency or suboptimal levels. Hormone management is so important for the enjoyment of life and for the prevention of many prevalent diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes and cardiovascular issues.

Depending on the severity of your symptoms, treatment may require a combination of laboratory testing, lifestyle changes, gut health optimization, botanical support or hormone replacement therapy. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (bHRT) is a convenient, safe and effective therapy when prescribed by an experienced physician. It is a simple way to replace low levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone for men and women. Book an appointment with Dr. Shell if you suspect that you have a hormone imbalance. You deserve to have the energy and health to live your life the way you choose.

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