Pre-Menopause Symptoms

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When experiencing pre menopause symptoms keep in mind that these are simply the lead up process to full menopause. Menopause basically means a women stops her menses or menstrual flow. It's a time of change and while the symptoms associated with it can be uncomfortable, research indicates women who embrace this as a new beginning in their lives tend to have a better mental disposition and thus, handle it much better. Nature is amazing in many respects and pre menopause symptoms are simply a way of easing a woman into full menopause. You've got to understand that if a woman went from normal straight to menopause in one fell swoop then there is every likelihood she could end up in a mental institution. Pre menopause symptoms are the body's way of easing a woman into menopause and the change is usually a slow one. The time it takes can vary considerably but ten years is common.

Let's take a look at some of the symptoms of peri menopause. It's also important to understand that just because you are experiencing these symptoms it doesn't always mean they are menopause-related.In fact, don't just ignore them and put them down to menopause. See your doctor because they may well be associated with other conditions of a more sinister nature. Your doctor is best placed to determine exactly what they are related two.

Here are some symptoms to take note of:- irregular periods- hot flashes- mood swings- migraine headaches- weight gain despite the fact you follow a sensible diet and exercise regularly- night sweats- insomnia- joints which ache regularly- vaginal dryness- skin irritations or dry skin- depression - libido issues or lack of sex drive The symptoms of pre menopause can start as early as the thirties. This may come as a surprise to most women but the truth is, handling them has a lot to do with your mental preparation.

This is one of the reasons education on pre menopause symptoms is not so much about how to treat them but more about preparing for them by simply understanding what they are and why they are occurring. Too many women wait to the very last minute to even learn about menopause and how it can affect many facets of their lives.

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