low testosterone in women

Low Testosterone in Women

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As women, we face numerous health problems—low testosterone levels is one of them. As we age, our body starts changing and evolving, which means going through a number of hormonal changes. Acne, weight gain, an irregular cycle, joint pain, poor immunity and trouble sleeping are just some of the problems we face.

Symptoms to Look Out For

Women with low testosterone problems have trouble producing new red blood cells, maintaining their sex drive, and losing fat around the waistline. If you suspect you have problems with low testosterone, make sure to look out for these symptoms:

•    Weight gain
•    Vaginal dryness
•    Lethargy
•    Insomnia
•    Low sex drive
•    Muscle pain and weakness
•    Loss of bone density
•    Irregular menstrual cycles
•    Fertility issues
•    Low energy
•    Decreased sexual satisfaction

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll experience all the symptoms at once. Sometimes, symptoms show up unexpectedly or at a later time. If you’re experiencing more than 3 to 4 symptoms, make sure to seek medical help from an expert.

What are the Causes?

While considering the symptoms, your doctor might look for an underlying condition that could be the root cause of the problem. They might look for:

•    Chronic stress
•    Thyroid issues
•    Autoimmune disease
•    Perimenopause/menopause
•    Metabolic syndrome
•    Diabetes
•    Problems with the ovaries, pituitary, and/or adrenal glands

It’s also important to note that our sex hormone levels naturally decrease with age. This process speeds up even more for women who are transitioning into menopause.

What’s the Solution?

The solution is simple—BHRT; Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Chandler AZ. By applying a daily cream to the skin or a quarterly subcutaneous pellet injection, bHRT can restore balance to the body. Women in their early forties who are facing hormonal issues can benefit immensely from this treatment. Make sure to meet with a qualified physician who has the knowledge and certification to provide bHRT.

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