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Dr. Sarah Shell is a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor and integrative primary care physician in Arizona. She received a pre-med bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from the University of Omaha-Nebraska. During her undergrad, she juggled a career as a professional mixed martial arts cage fighter and was always searching for ways to optimize her own health and performance. Pursuing medical school was a natural transition to become a clinical expert in health and hormone optimization for herself and others.

Dr. Shell is the founder of Shell Medical Hormone Health and Wellness located in Chandler, Arizona. Her specialty is integrative primary care with an emphasis on hormone health (including thyroid/adrenals), autoimmunity, anti-aging medicine, GI issues, weight management and vitamin health. She is an expert at interpreting blood work to eliminate the guesswork and get to the root cause of symptoms. With a combination of expertise in conventional and alternative medicine, Dr. Shell presents her patients with multiple treatment options to address health from all angles.

Dr. Shell understands the high demands of balancing our work, social and family life. She is a proud Phoenix police wife, mother of three kids and loves anything related to fitness, health, dogs and the outdoors. Her personal journey has instilled a deep appreciation for the importance of optimal health to achieve balance and live our best life.

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