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Skin Doc Pass provides patients with easy access to topical skin and hair prescriptions under the guidance of Dr. Shell for 1 year. The program is $150 to establish care and includes your first month of product free ($60 value).

Your initial appointment can be completed from the comfort of your home in about 10-15 minutes. This allows Dr. Shell to collect information about you and your concerns. You can also request to complete this appointment in-office at our Chandler location.

If Skin Doc Pass is the right program for you, Dr. Shell will provide treatment and approve prescription requests for 1-year. Skin Doc Pass members enjoy an easy line of communication with Dr. Shell to discuss additional concerns that may arise throughout the year. Prescription requests and refills can be made online, hassle-free and after only a few clicks. Your prescription can be picked up at our Chandler clinic or shipped directly from the pharmacy, to your home, in 1-2 business days (extra $10 fee).


Skin and Hair Prescriptions

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