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Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect:

1. New patient visit:

Your first visit may last 45-60 minutes. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment if you have not already completed the new patient intake form.

Dr. Shell will take your vitals and perform a brief physical. Your medical and personal history will be reviewed in detail, giving you ample opportunity to voice your questions and concerns. In most cases, patients should expect to return to clinic for a blood draw as baseline blood work is imperative prior to designing a treatment plan.

2. Blood draw:

Return to clinic for a fasting blood draw before 10 am. Please discontinue food and liquids (besides water) at 10pm the night before. Please drink lots of water prior to. Labs are billed through insurance. Cash-pay specialty labs are also available (food sensitivity panels, etc.)

3. Follow up:

When lab results are received, you will return for your first follow-up to discuss a customized treatment plan that fits into your lifestyle. Patients are given a clear and visual explanation about their diagnosis with targeted solutions. Dr. Shell takes the time to discuss lab results with patients, optimal ranges to strive for and how to get there. Her approach to wellness and prevention is designed to get you healthy, and keep you healthy.

Most Common Labs for New Patients
(billed through insurance)

Basic: CBC, CMP, Lipid Panel
Adrenals: AM-Cortisol, DHEA,
Thyroid: TSH, Total T4, Total T3, reverse T3, Free T4, Free T3, Thyroid Antibodies, Iodine
Sex hormones: FSH, LH, estradiol, testosterone free/total, progesterone, DHT, prolactin, SHBG
Diabetes/heart health, inflammatory factors: homocysteine, insulin, HbA1c with EAG, hs-c-reactive protein
Vitamins/micronutrients: Iron, ferritin, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, folate, magnesium
Chronic infections, genetic/autoimmune screening: ANA, EBV, Candida, MTHFR

As a patient of Dr. Shell, you will experience a very different approach to medical care.

Patients often feel rushed and unheard before leaving a doctor’s office with a prescription and lingering questions. Why? Unfortunately, insurance reimbursement rates do not afford doctors the appropriate time to listen to your full concerns and health history. The same reimbursement fee is given to a doctor who spends 5 minutes vs. 30 minutes with a patient.

Ordering true comprehensive blood work is painstakingly time consuming for any physician and the results will often warrant lengthy discussions-- another time consuming process. Dr. Shell’s approach to wellness welcomes these discussions and relies on comprehensive, investigative blood work to get to the root cause of the disease or lingering symptoms.

Although lab-work is billed through insurance, office visits with Dr. Shell are cash-pay only. This allows Dr. Shell to take the time to listen to your concerns and thoroughly investigate your health. All patients receive an individualized, targeted treatment plan with an overarching goal of optimal wellness.

Prices for Hormone and Peptide Therapy (Established Patients Only):

  • BioTe Hormone Replacement Pellets: Women: $350 (every 3-4 months) Men: $750 (every 5-7 months)
  • Testosterone Weekly Injections (in-office or take home for self-administration): Women: $10/shot Men: $20/shot
  • Sermorelin Injections: 1 week supply for $75 1 month supply for $300
  • Peptide Therapy: Starting at $250 per month

Prices for Vitamin Injections:

(In-office or take home for self-administration following Dr. Shell’s instructions); Also available for non-established patients:

  • Vitamin B12 shots: $70 for a Package of Four
  • Fat Burner Shots with Vitamin B12 included: $100 for a Package of Four
  • Vitamin D shots: $100 for a Package of Four

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