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Naturopathic Medical Doctor

Bridging the Gap to

Optimal Health

Dr. Shell helps men and women to achieve sustainable optimal health and longevity. Comprehensive lab tests are ordered for all medical patients (billed through insurance) to eliminate the guesswork and to leave no stone unturned. Her unique and thorough approach to wellness is designed to get you healthy, and keep you healthy.

Dr. Shell understands that regaining a full, healthy-looking head of hair is a valuable endeavour. She has witnessed the impact hair restoration has had on her patients. Hair loss - specially male pattern baldness - affects a large percentage of the male population and can start at any age. Genetics, hormonal imbalances, malnutrition or stress can play a major role in hair loss.

At her clinic in Chandler, AZ, she offers Microneedling with platelet rich plasma (PRP) combination therapy—a hair restoration treatment that promotes new follicular development and activates hair growth.

Hormone pellet therapy  which is a 100% natural and plant-based is another area of focus. Also known as bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, it can be used for men and women with low-testosterone and other hormone issues such as menstrual migraines and menopause. Dr. Sarah Shell is proud to be a BioTe® Certified Practitioner.

Dr. Shell also performs a signature medical microneedling treatment for melasma patients, and/or those with stubborn hyperpigmentation. For more complex skin problems we offer Profractional Laser and Laser Resurfacing treatments. Book your hair revival and skin rejuvenation procedures today to impact your life.

Office Visit Fees

  • New Patient Appointment: $275
  • Follow-up: $140
  • Blood Draw: $20 (Labs billed through insurance)
  • SkinDocPass: $150
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