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Chandler Hormone Replacement Therapy
Dr Sarah Shell is a naturopathic medical doctor with an emphasis in women’s medicine, hormone health for men and women, hair restoration and skin rejuvenation. As your Primary Care Physician (PCP), she is a thirty-plus year old mother of two and a former professional MMA fighter who understands the high demands of balancing work, social and family life. Dr. Shell takes an integrative approach towards health optimization and disease prevention so that you can live to your full health potential.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone imbalance in both men and women can occur at any point in life. Developed to alleviate the myriad of issues that can arise from low testosterone and/or estrogen, BioTE pellets are a natural, plant based, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Dr. Shell is a certified BioTE medical provider.

Dr. Shell’s Signature Treatment for Hair Restoration

Dr. Shell is an experienced naturopathic doctor, practicing in Chandler, AZ and serving clients across the Phoenix, AZ region. She provides the ultimate non-surgical procedures to address hair loss and hair thinning for both men and women. Dr. Shell uses a unique combination of PRP and microneedling to promote hair follicle restoration. An FDA approved cellular regeneration product (ACell) is added to the treatment to further reverse hair loss and promote long-term hair regrowth in fewer treatments. Hair loss and thinning hair is a major concern for both men and women but it is often an easy fix by an experienced naturopathic medical doctor like Dr. Shell! 

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